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Visitor studies at interpretive sites to improve the education for sustainable development

KÖME started a one and a half years long project in co-operation with KON-TIKI Interpretive Planning, Training and Evaluation and Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences (BGE) in December 2017. The main goal of the initiative is to raise the awareness for sustainable development with the help of easily achievable visitor evaluation in the management and development of interpretive sites. Continue reading

IDENTITY AT THE FRONTIER – KÖME invites to the next Interpret Europe Conference

Heritage and Identity will be the theme of the next Interpret Europe Conference taking place from 23 to 26 March 2018 in Kőszeg, Hungary, close to the Austrian border. The Hungarian Association of Cultural Heritage Managers (KÖME) was granted the possibility to be the main organiser of the event. This is the first time a Hungarian member can invite international creative experts to home ground within this framework. Continue reading

What have we got to do with the Budapest World Heritage? – workshop and forum


Have you ever wondered about Budapest being part of the world heritage? Do you know at all, that the building, historical site or street you just visited or passed by in the city center is part of the world heritage? What does motivate visitors to spend their leisure time here and does the UNESCO world heritage brand play any role in it? By the way: is this brand visible at all?

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KÖME Heritage Tours

Are you interested in outstanding sites of cultural and natural heritage near Budapest, along the Danube? Do you want to discover them from the point of view of a heritage manager? Continue reading

COME TO KÖME! Önkénteseket keresünk!

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Érdekel a kulturális és természeti örökség? Szeretnél belelátni múzeumok, látogatóhelyek működésébe? Szívesen szerveznél olyan projekteket, amik örökségi értékeket mutatnak be újszerű módon?

Gyere önkéntesnek a KÖME 2014 őszi programjaira és legyél része egy fiatal szakemberekből álló csapat munkájának!

Programjaink, melyekhez önkénteseket keresünk:

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Heritage interpretation. Development of a new education module in Hungary


The Association of Cultural Heritage Managers (ACHEM) and KON-TIKI Interpretive consultation, training and evaluation (Lüneburg, DE) develops together an educational program in natural and cultural heritage interpretation. The different methodologies of heritage interpretation are to date little reflected and rarely used in post-socialist European countries. Informal educational tools are also not yet systematically used in the academic eduational field and in applied heritage management. A main reason for this is the lack of practice-based training possibilities and the lack of structured knowledge on these issues in national languages.

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