About us

The independent social organization of the Association of Cultural Heritage Managers (KÖME) was founded in 2012 by professionals working in different parts of Hungary.

It is important for us to maintain a platform which helps the experts of various domains – engaged in the research, preservation, social utilization, protection and distribution of the broadly defined cultural heritage – to get information, find partners, change ideas, further develop their skills and pursue certain activities appropriate to our objectives.

We are constantly looking for Hungarian and foreign organizations and individuals who accept our basic rules and show interest in joining us.

Furthermore, we are waiting for the application of Hungarian or foreign institutions and companies who need partners for realizing their programs and goals.

The objectives of the Association of Cultural Heritage Managers are:

  • To establish and maintain a professional forum for the experts engaged in the management of domestic cultural heritage
  • To unite the different professions and professional domains engaged in the exploration, presentation, operation, preservation, development and protection of cultural values
  • To improve the relationship with Hungarian and foreign organizations, to participate in professional networks
  • To encourage the individual and collective scientific, professional, innovative and self-training work of the members, and to carry out such activities on institutional level
  • To encourage the cultural, educational, skill-improving and informative work of the members, and to carry out such activities on institutional level
  • To initiate and promote inter- and multicultural co-operations, relationships and programs
  • To protect, revitalize, maintain and interpret forgotten, neglected and endangered cultural heritage
  • To pay special attention to the cultural values of Hungarian ethnics and minorities across the border and the access to cultural goods
  • To reduce the social inequality in the cultural domain
  • To emphasize and popularize the social, economic and environmental sustainability during certain activities
  • To monitor, take a position in, form opinion and provide information about policy and public questions, events and concepts
  • To represent the interests of professionals engaged in heritage management, for this to initiate and improve the relationship with those concerned

To realize its goals the Association of Cultural Heritage Managers:

  • Organizes national and foreign professional trainings, seminars, exchange programs, study trips, lectures and workshops and supports its members to participate in such programs by inviting tenders
  • Organizes cultural events, exhibitions, conferences and symposiums and takes part in similar initiatives
  • Publishes and contributes to the publication of professional printed and digital issues
  • Organizes and supports professional vocational trainings and researches for its members
  • Writes and contributes to the writing of professional recommendations, suggestions, drafts, proposals and pamphlets
  • Informs its members (and those interested) about the activities and results of the association and other questions in areas of professional interest
  • Provides advice, information and services to its members, institutions and other organizations engaged in heritage values
  • Helps to solve the employment problems of  its individual members
  • Initiates and coordinates pilot projects in order to present, utilize and interpret the Hungarian cultural heritage  and participates in such initiatives
  • Takes part in any other activities and organizes programs which serve the achievement of its objectives


The association is a member of:

European Association for Heritage Interpretation

The official logo package of the Association is available here:

KOME_logo.zip (Association of Cultural Heritage Managers logo)