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Zsuzsa is dramaturge, translator and cultural worker based in Budapest.
She is co-founder and member of the Budapest-based artists’ collective Pneuma Szöv. (since 2008).

Zsuzsa has been working with KÖME since 2014, currently she is vice president. With KÖME she has edited among others a handbook in heritage interpretation and co-designed practical and theoretical programs in heritage interpretation.

Zsuzsa’s interest is often channeled into the capillaries where art and other forms of social and human or posthuman life merge. She is co-founder of the urban community garden Grundkert, and the free school of art and micro-enonomies μEGYETEM between 2015 and 2017. μEGYETEM was also an experimental collaboration between an artist-run cultural space (MÜSZI, Budapest) and a university (the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, MKE). Zsuzsa was also organiser and programmer of 3 editions of the audiovisual and digital arts festival Riders on the Mall (ROM) in MÜSZI between 2016 and 2018.

She is a regular author of essays on performing arts and society among others for the Hungarian theatre magazine Színház.