Partner Meeting

TRAME – partner meeting and exchange preparations

The TRAME – Tracce di Memoria Erasmus+ projekt was succeded to hold its first live partner meeting in Hungary. Coming to the middle of the project we discussed our past activities and gave emphasis to plan the second part of the project: the implementation of the mobilities and the creation of the Manual.

Our so called Tracce di Memoria – TRAME Erasmus+ project came to half time and we celebrated it with our first, live partner meeting. The aim of the meeting is to present the pilot programs implemented in the partner countries, evaluate them and move on towards the student exchanges. In Hungary the students of Hajnóczy Kollégium of Pécs took part in the pilot program at the Cella Septichora World Heritage Site of Pécs. If you would like to know more about the pilots in each partner country you can subscribe to the newsletter on the TRAME website.

In the spring of 2022 we hope we can organize all the student exchanges in the three partner schools – Liceo Classico Pilot Albertelli in Rome, School of Design in Belgrade and Hajnóczy Kollégium in Pécs.

The second important issue of our partner meeting was to discuss the creation of the Manual for teachers and heritage educators. This publication project output would help the collaboration between education institutes and heritage sites. According to plan it will be ready by summer.