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Heritage and Identity

Interpret Europe Conference 2018

In 2018 KÖME was granted the possibility to organize the yearly conference of the Interpret Europe international network, and so for the first time in the network’s history we could invite international professionals to the ’homeland’. The conference took place in the Jurisics castle in Kőszeg on March 23-26, 2018. Topic of this year’s conference was Heritage and Identity.

The Interpret Europe conference was a highlighted event within the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.
158 participants  from 40 countries from Europe and overseas attended the conference.

The 3-day program included keynote speeches, 85 presentations and workshops lead by heritage professionals coming from 30 different countries. In the program of the conference we organized 13 study trips s as well. The study trips gave an opportunity for Hungarian and foreign participants to discuss the presentation concepts of Hungarian heritage sites.

For more information about the Interpret Europe conferences please click here.
Visit Interpret Europe’s homepage here.


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