Journey to the Beginnings

The ‘Journey to the Beginnings’ project ( was an international cooperation. Artists and IT experts developed a theatrical adventure game for prehistoric archaeological sites along the Danube. The digital adaptation of the game is available online.

The main goal of the project was to promote sustainable, art-based heritage tourism at four sites along the Danube, presenting prehistoric archaeological cultures (Gârla-Mare, Lepenski Vir, Vučedol, Vatya) and archaeological research through contemporary art and modern technologies. An important aim was also the targeting of young audiences, to promote archaeological sites with the help of digital technologies, in context of a joint narrative, while creating also best practices for a multidisciplinary collaboration.  

The main outcome of the project was a prehistoric theatre-adventure game, designed also for digital mobile platforms.

KÖME monitored the project and helped the process with gathering continous feedbacks from partners.
For us the biggest challenge was to see how people with different motivations and different institutional backgrounds can or can not find a common ground.
Our main tasks were in detail:

  • preparing surveys to find out the motivations and issues of the project members
  • giving feedback on the results > interpretive evaluation, using the methods of heritage interpretation
  • organising a game testing event with museum pedagogists
  • making a summative evaluation after the creation process with performers
  • publication of the learnings in an archaeological magazine

The project was realised between Autumn of 2018 and February 2020, funded by the ’Creative Europe’ program of the European Commission.

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Published in Hungarian Archaeology Vol. 9 (2020), Issue 1, pp. 56–61.



“As heritage managers and interpretation experts, we increasingly have the opportunity to contribute to projects focusing on showcasing heritage values and audience development. […] Helping to establish a bond between heritage and the people is among our most important missions, thus preserving heritage. However, we also have to ‘value’ heritage, not simply ‘evaluate’, or ‘assess’. As unusual as the interpretive practice seems in the Hungarian heritage scene, the more necessary it is. Why? This is what we are trying to highlight in regard to a particular project.”

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