Merging mUseal valueS and crEativity is an international project bringing artists closer to museum collections and digital designers. During the project in 2021 and 2022 a digital application is being developed, which will provide a platform for heritage sites and artists from different backgrounds to build their own digital narratives in an easy and cost-effective way.

This new approach to the use of existing collections can also serve educational purposes and, in addition to enhancing the visitor experience, will hopefully encourage collaboration between different sectors. The artists and cultural professionals involved will learn the basics of collaboration and digital interpretation through a joint test-training developed by KÖME. Throughout the project an interpretive evaluation will be carried out and published on the results of the cross-sectoral cooperation and the training.

Starting point of the project is the fact that the existing digital collections of heritage sites are often not utilized enough for educational and presentation purposes, however accessible and searchable online. Good practice are needed to interpret the digitalized materials.

Planned results:

  • an online application will be designed that will be user-friendly. This platform can be a tailor-made tool for heritage sites to design their own digital interpretations
  • 3 concrete digital interpretations will be designed for 3 heritage sites (Iron Curtain Museum in Felsőcsatár /HU, NaFilm Prague, Archaeological Museum Lepenski Vir /SRB)
  • a training module will be developped that shall be accredited by Interpret Europe
  • a new collabotation model with diverse partners will be tested and evaluated

KÖME’s role within the project:

  • process management
  • monitoring of the process and interpretive evaluation
  • development of a training for heritage professionals on interpretation with digital tools
  • mentoring in heritage interpretation



Pro Progressione (HU)

IVAR Studio (SE)

Howest University of Applied Science–Scan4Stories project (Immersive HeritageStorytelling)(BE)

Associated partners:

Interpret Europe

ZIP-SCENE Conference

International networks:

International network for contemporary performing arts (IETM)

ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites)

European Museum Academy (EMA)

Culture ActionEurope (CAE)

Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO)

Partnering heritag sites:

Lepenski Vir Archaeological Park (SRB)

NaFilm (CZ)

Iron Curtain Museum, Felsőcsatár (HU)

Associated museums:

COOPCulture (IT)

Museum Documentation Center (CR)

House of European History (BE)

Janus Pannonius Museum (HUN)


Creative Europe’s ‘Bridging culture and audiovisual content through digital’ programme


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