Pomáz construction camp

The Association of Cultural Heritage Managers (KÖME), the Central European University’s Cultural Heritage Studies program and the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate together with the Fülöp Goat Farm in Pomáz have started to create a new education center. The importance of the center is that instead of the traditionally separated environment conservation and cultural-heritage conservation approach it interprets and shows the present cooperation of human and nature with a unified approach.

At the Fülöp Goat Farm next to the ruins of a medieval church and a monks’ glass workshop we renewed a community building used by KÖME and the Cultural Heritage Studies program at CEU. We started this season with a four-day long construction camp, and with the help of the volunteers we did straw insulation with adobe. With the professional lead of the Sárkollektíva group we got to know the methods close to nature and we all could have a joyful building experience and serve a good purpose with this volunteer job.

The program is supported by the Nemzeti Kulturális Alap 101108/00349 
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