TRAME – Tracce di Memoria

/Traces of Memory

The project TAME – TRACCE DI MEMORIA promotes the educational value of cultural heritage and strengthens the connections between secondary educational institutions and heritage sites.

The dynamic relationship between identity and diversity and how cultures evolve because of absorbing elements from other cultures are at the core of this project, allowing secondary school students to discover and understand the value of cultural diversity through the legacy left by ancient populations living in the same territories and to learn the importance of cultural “contamination” as a way to enrich and shape local and territorial identities.

The main TRAME result is the TRAME Manual for teachers and educators, containing the description of the educational methodology targeted to high school pupils and developed by partners throughout the project. Furthermore it’s important to promote the development of key competences and skills among pupils, such as in particular the spirit of initiative and communication in foreign languages, social and civic skills, awareness and cultural expression, and to strengthen the link between the management of archaeological sites and the local communities.

KÖME’s role within the project:

  • coordinating the pilot project in the associated secondary school (Hajnóczy Kollégium, Pécs)
  • making the TRAME manual for teachers and heritage professionals
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