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Value your Visitor!

Forum for professionals working with visitors, audiences

Budapest, 21-22 February, 2019

Who are the attendants of our programmes, who are our volunteers, audience and who aren’t? Why is it important for us to know them?

The forum brought together people working on various fields from heritage interpretation to conservation, from education to communication. Our common topic was: visitors, and what we (don’t) know about them.

The aim of the forum was to provide a common platform for people working in professions that are often isolated from each other, however connected along the common interest in visitors / audience / participants of given programmes.

Participants of the workshops, talks, lectures formulated conrete potentials for development for the following areas: 

¤ the visitors’ point of view in the design of pedagogical programmes
¤ the role of evaluation / visitor studies in the sustainability of institutions / organisations
¤ different levels of audience involvement and impact measurement among participants, pedagogists, volunteers
¤ “non-usual” visitors, visitors with special needs
¤ involvement of the visitor aspects in insitutional management processes

The result of the forum is a publication edited by KÖME, containing notes, interviews and structured suggestions to each topic >> the publication Value your visitor/Értékeld a látogatót (in Hungarian) can be downloaded here.


Supporters: Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, Budapest Business School, Columbus Welcome Management 

Thanks to all Participants for their precious inputs!

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