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Tv Free Europe

Studio Szombathely

Connected to the so called Tv Free Europe project we created Studio Szombathely as an independent “regional studio”. Between 2019 and 2021, the Studio Szombathely involved youngsters to bring alive the local initiatives of the 1980-90’s which are worth to remember. The youngsters could take part in workshops and seminars to rethink television formats and they participated in the creation of an outdoor performance.

Studio Szombathely’s goal is to revive the local remembrance connected to the 1989 system change and embed it into the cultural imagination of the youth. With the lead of Júlia Salamon, as the curator of the project high school and university students dealt with the events of the system change and they rethought them according to contemporary visual languages and actual questions. During the workshops they experimented with television formats (commercials, youth programs, news etc.), they created animations and the participater in the creation of a tematic outdoor bicycle trip.

Our cooperative partner is the Art Technical Shool in Szombathely Mozgókép- és Animációkészítő szak, Szombathely,  with whom help the workshops and the planned programs could come true.

As the result of the work, in the end of June, 2021 with the contribution of artists and civils a city walk and an exhibition came alive, which deal with the cultural, artistic events and the local civil initiatives from the late 1980’s to the early 2000’s. You can look at the video of the walk here.

A SZABAD EURÓPA TELEVÍZIÓ Szombathely – Identitás és helyi emlékezet összekapcsolása (TOP-7.1.1-16-H-ESZA-2020-01398) . Further supporter is the Hungarian US Embassy.

Further information can be read on TV Free Europe’s official website.

You can find more interesting videos connected to the project on the Studio Szombathely YouTube channel.

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